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Semana Cultural de Teatro 2021


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An event every day that begins at 00:00, repeating until 31/10/2021


13th edition of the Theatre Festival in San Bartolomé, 20th to the 31st of October.

Plays are free of charge but required booking on www.ecoentradas.com.

They are all performed at the Townhall Theatre, except for the 31st of November when they will be held at the Casa Ajei.

OCTOBER 20, 2021. 20:30H.
-Performance of: SOLO POR AMOR, by Compañía Teatral Chespir.
(Musical comedy in one act)
The famous Weismann Theater has just been sold to a construction company that plans to turn it into a parking lot. In the solitude of the stage, which once witnessed memorable nights, the old producer Dimitri Weissman has invited some prominent members of the company to bid them farewell. Reliving a bygone era, with New York City as an unchanging witness, will bring out all kinds of feelings: passions, philias, phobias and infidelities. An empty stage will witness the last performance. When the curtain falls for the last time, life will never be the way it was because it never was that way.

OCTOBER 21, 2021. 20:30H.
-Performance of: HEIFFEL, by SomoS.
Heiffel is a social denunciation in the key of humor, clown and with childish touches, where the Nepalese army, in a clear desire to dominate the world, advances on Paris. An encyclopedia salesman and a journalist set out on an adventure with the intention of defending the Eiffel Tower. But Eiffel is not the same as Heiffel, and that hache, which so few read and no one pronounces, will change their lives. Along the way, they will find an ideal partner to achieve their goal. Will they arrive in time to save the tower?

OCTOBER 22, 2021. 20:30H.
-Performance of: ÑAQUE O DE PIOJOS Y ACTORES, by Compañía Teatral Actúa7.
This play by José Sanchís Sinisterra focuses on the misadventures of Ríos and Solano, two miserable actors, members of an ñaque (theater company composed of only two actors) in 17th century Spain, who, through witty dialogues, walk their poverty and their talent along the roads of Castile.

Ríos and Solano doubt, feel, question themselves and question the audience in a dialogue that delves into their own condition as actors and the condition and role of the spectators in this encounter. But above all, Ríos and Solano act and constantly reflect on their condition as actors, questioning their existence and their feelings both on and off stage.

Basing the play on the text, they parade before the spectator loas, entremeses, autos, comedies and sayings of that other reality that was the popular and marginalized theater of the power of the sixteenth century. The action of the characters is directed to look for a sense to this concrete encounter and to remedy the oblivion of the public in a desperate attempt to continue existing in their consciences, once the curtain has come down.

(+14 years)

OCTOBER 23, 2021. 20:30H.
-Performance of: LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA, by Timaginas Teatro.
The version of Lorca’s play, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, that Timaginas Teatro will bring to the stage, will perfectly illustrate the time and place where the whole plot takes place. Taking care of all the details without exception, to create a claustrophobic atmosphere and extreme tension, which ends up drowning, not only the characters, but also everyone who is in front of the stage.

In collaboration with: Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural, through the MARES program of the Government of the Canary Islands.

-Performance of: EL SUEÑO DE CÉSAR, by 2RC TEATRO.

Info: El Sueño de César, is a puppet show based on the figure of the Lanzarote artist César Manrique, from the adaptation of the original text by Antonio Daniel García Orellana, by Guaxara Baldassarre. El Sueño de César is a children’s play in which the characters travel through the artistic universe of the great Lanzarote painter and sculptor César Manrique.

“Everything began in a place called IMAGINATION…”.

Despite the threat of the diabolical titan Timanfaya to be wiped off the map, Tamboril and Lenguado, two sketches of Lanzarote’s imaginary, persuade the artist César Manrique to materialize pictorial works inspired by natural motifs of the island. Timanfaya does not entrust nature to man, but Manrique strives for a communion between the two.

(Recommended age: from 4 years old).

In collaboration with: Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural, through the MARES program of the Government of the Canary Islands.

OCTOBER 27TH, 2021. 20:30H.
-Performance of: NADIE ES PERFECTO, by Teatreros and.
Comedy. America, late 20’s, two jazz musicians survive playing in mafia clubs. One night, after the performance, they witness a settling of scores and are forced to flee.

OCTOBER 28, 2021. 20:30H.
-Performance of: LIES, by Comi-K Teatro.
Two unknown women discover, from a chance encounter, that they have many things in common and delve, in a humorous way, into those small, medium and big lies that we tell to others -and to ourselves- to ensure our own identity.

OCTOBER 29, 2021. 20:30H.
– Performance of: THE SENATOR’S HOUSE, by Raíces del pueblo.
It is a play to laugh from beginning to end, with a direct humor, with moments of mischief, other intelligent, but above all with humor of language that catches. A comedy of entanglements where the confusions, the entrances and exits, generate an unstoppable action and as a consequence the sure laughter.

OCTOBER 30, 2021. 20:30H.
What if we have a mayor who is a dictator, has a very jealous wife, an orthopedic leg and a head of municipalities asking for a raise?

The plot starts during the local festivities, just the night when the mayor loses his prosthetic leg.

From the wheelchair he must use, he will have to be able to control everything to avoid his own misfortune, giving rise to entanglements and funny situations.

OCTOBER 31, 2021, Casa Ajei will host theatrical stagings in small groups by Actúa to celebrate the “Noche de los Finaos”.